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The many Shades of my life…

This may be a long post (just a warning). I am posting this blog entry b/c I got a question about whether I have ever been blonde. I have been many colors. I like each one of them for different reasons :) I decided to share some more personal pictures of myself (meaning: pics from my life over the years.. haha not naughty ones.. if THAT’S what you were thinking).. 

Wavy & Highlighted when I was 15-

Blonde at 18-


The dark roots were in when I was 20 ;)-

Golden Brown with blonde highlights at 23-

Honey at age 24-

also did golden brown with caramel at 24 as well :) one of my favs-( I worked at a aesthetic medical facility- hence the BOTOX shirts, the doc we worked for trained other docs on procedures including Botox so we did a lil promoting with our shirts). 

Then right before I turned 25, I went short and red-WITH bangs!

I went dark brown (one of my fav colors) when I got to law school at 25-

Damn I am skinny in the next pic! :)

I also decided on doing my hair lighter when I was 25, I get bored very easily-

Me and my lithuanian/polish grandma ;)

25 was one of those years haha :) I changed a lot.. even did bangs again!!! which I loved!!

I got bored again months later and went chocolate and vanilla-with bangs AGAIN! after I just grew them out! 

Then it happened!! I wanted to go blonde. I was just craving some excitement- at 26 to age 27 I started making it blonde from the dark color you see above-

from that to the one below.. I just kept doing highlights..

and of course the in-between color!! AHHH to get to the blonde I wanted! and the damage getting it there.. made me have to cut my hair but my hair grows fast! so I didn’t mind. 

Then I added Brown low lights

Then I added chocolate streaks-

Then before my 27th bday last June 09.. I just decided to do something drastic!! Dark Brownish black!

Then I mixed it up with some red streaks!

Then I dyed it all BLACK! Below.. that’s me now! I am ready for a lil change actually! I know I am going to go short(er) not short just a lil less thick and maybe some highlights but not blonde.. caramel perhaps?

Hope you enjoyed all my different colors over the years :) I like them all :) it all depends on my mood!

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