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FAKE Facebook Profiles! Why people make them and how to recognize a fake when you see it!

I have been plagued with people stealing photos of me and putting them on Facebook, Dating sites, Twitter etc for a couple years now and I think that there should be laws against people doing so.I am going to go as far as saying I wish you had to give your fingerprint in order to create a profile and if you think that is taking away your precious lil “rights” I’d say you are probably one of the people guilty of using other people’s photos! Pointblank if this has happened to you I guarantee you would understand and subscribe to my way of thinking. I am SICK of people using my pictures on dating sites to entice single men (or even married men!) what if someone’s wife sees MY PHOTO and thinks that I am personally doing that to her and talking to her husband! It’s absurd! There is no reason why anyone should be allowed to STEAL from someone else. If it were offline and I pretended to be someone I am not it would have major consequences so why should it be any different ONLINE?

1. It can harm you in real life! If someone sets up a profile and pretends they are a slutty whore that flirts with any guy (or girl for that matter) and talks dirty to people while using YOUR picture this can have a negative impact on your real life if anyone this fake came in contact with ever has a real opportunity to meet you in person (even casually or for a job interview!) The person that was fooled may have a hard time understanding that the person with your photo was a fake! Facebook is the largest social network now so it is not that far-fetched that someone that has seen you online will eventually see you in person.

2. People are stealing copyrighted images and using them without your permission. This is by far my biggest pet peeve. I own my photos, I own the copyright, I took most of them myself and if I did not then the photographer and I hold a license to use the pictures. My site specifically states that all content is copyrighted. Therefore, stealing my photos is not only annoying it’s illegal.

3. If you are in the modeling, acting or entertainment industry fake profiles may be selling pictures to companies without your knowledge! If the fake is good enough at conning others they could very well pose as a model and entice companies to use your photos for a price. (however this most likely will not work in my case thankfully! since I never post ANY HD or RAW images online so the pixels would not be clear enough in any COPIED picture to sell since the quality would not be up to par).

Awareness needs to be raised about the potential for harm that fake profiles can cause. In the last three days alone I have successfully reported and had Facebook delete THREE profiles using my pictures. What I wonder is… does Facebook record their URL and make sure they don’t just turn around and make yet ANOTHER profile with my pictures and just a different name? What’s sick is that some random person out there has hundreds of saved pictures of me on their computer! Doesn’t that strike you as odd! Obviously they have to sit around collecting images of me to use on their fake profiles! I am intrigued by this! I wish I could personally talk to someone that has faked someone online and ask them so many questions about what lead them to do so and what they got out of it? I am more curious than anything else! I wonder what these fakers look like in real life? Are they pretty but insecure? Unattractive and desiring attention? who knows! I wish I knew.

Here are some cool links I found online regarding fake Facebook profiles! Take a look!

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Why People Create Fake Dating Profiles ( if you are REALLY trying to date wouldn’t it be wise to BE YOURSELF haha just a thought!)

It’s really stupid to fake someone on a dating site.. think about it.. if you are really trying to meet people I think that when they realize you are nothing like the picture you posted they will turn around and RUN! It doesn’t matter how great your personality is!! Having a great personality and being LESS attractive  would actually play a significant role in winning someone’s affection had you not LIED online which is a HUGE character FLAW! You are a liar as soon as you pretend you are someone you are not.. you’ll never actually be with the person you are fooling so why bother? Maybe it’s a SEX thing? Maybe you like to talk dirty to people and want them to get excited by using a picture of someone else… doesn’t that make you feel pretty low that you are not actually the one getting them off? I know I would feel even worse about myself (considering that is the reason you are using someone Else’s pictures in the first place) just some thoughts.. I still wish I could talk to someone that USED to fake people.. if you are that person send me an email here.. I’d love to chat!